Higher or Lower: A Card Game

In this project you will find a card game where you must determine if the next card is higher or lower than the first one.

Features of this project:

  1. Randomized card draw using a single deck of cards
  2. Round tracking
  3. Money tracking
  4. Ability to set your bet
  5. Money formatting should be based on your location. (This is untested in other countries right now. It functions OK in the USA with comma as a separator - I tried to accommodate for decimals as well as the half-space but do not have a way to reliably test. Let me know so I can try to fix. Unsure if other separators will cause the game to break or not.)
  6. Game Over if you run out of money or cards.
  7. Realistic looking cards made with PowerPoint.
  8. Sliding rules panel in case you forget.

Have fun!
Higher or Lower?


Interesting game, Greg!

I’ve just finished the game and here is my result:

I’m not quite a reckless person so with such games, I jest bet bit by bit. And this result makes me happy enough :>

Really fun, though. Keep up the great work, Greg!
And I hope we can see the final results from other users, too ^^

How do you calculate when Card 1 and Card 2 show the same value, @gregs
For example, in my case:

Happy to see your amazing work :slight_smile:

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When the cards are the same, it is counted as a loss since it is neither higher nor lower.


Great game, Greg!
This is my result


Wow - @Li_Shimin
How many times did you play in order to finally achieve this!?
This is fantastic - it will be tough to beat for sure.

About 4-5 times, Greg!
Please make more interesting games like this, I will support you.