Hiding a Continue Button Until Conditions Are met

Hello all! I have been using ActivePresenter for simple interactions but want to move into more use of variables and advance actions. I want to start with what I hope is a simple step: I have a few text entry boxes on an image that students need to type into to label parts of the image. There is also a continue button to go to the next slide. I would like to make the following action:

I want the Continue button to be hidden initially. Then, I want the user to type in a box, hit enter and get the feedback until they get the correct answer. I would like the user to do this for all of the text entry boxes on the slide. Once all boxes are correct, I would like the Continue button to show.

Any suggestions on how I can do this? I’d really appreciate any ideas…thanks!


I might approach this problem by creating a variable to track the number of correct answers.

Let’s say we call the variable numCorrect

Then with all your text entry boxes - when they get the right answer - add 1 to the numCorrect variable.

Since we do not know the order in which the student will answer the questions - I would also have every correct answer submission check the value of the variable.

If the value of the variable is equal to the number of text entry blanks, it means they submitted all the answers correctly so we show the continue button.

Hopefully I was clear with the idea and that it helps you move forward.


Hi @gregs - thank you so so much for that! I think I understand what you mean. I created the variable and then for the “On Correct” event for that text box I added the following condition:

Screen Shot 2024-02-06 at 6.09.33 PM

Does this look right? If not, please let me know, but if so and I then do it to all of the text entry boxes on the slide, how do I get the Continue button to appear?

At the moment, I have it set to ‘Initially Hidden’…does that sound right? I’m thinking that I need to create some kind of advanced action that will show the Continue button but I’m not quite sure how to do that. I’m kind of just crossing the bridge from Adobe Captivate to ActivePresenter so it’s a bit confusing from here. Could I ask you for a bit more guidance on showing the Continue button?

Thanks again!

Hi again @gregs - sorry to come back so quickly. I took a stab at it and this is what I sort of stumbled around with :joy::

Does that look right? There are three text entry boxes on my test slide…


Well apparently that was very very wrong! It didn’t work at all :joy::weary:.

I built using the side panel rather than advanced actions.

You have the adjust variable action already.

Now use the plus next to the OnCorrect to add a show object and select your button.


Now use the plus button next to the Show Object to add a condition for it.


I had 5 in my example


FYI - I am making the same switch.

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Thank you so much @gregs - I will try that and see if I can follow your lead. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for your help!

PS: Captivate is great but we won’t be switching to the new one at work and this is more user friendly for most of the people we are working with; I have to learn more first to train others lol!

It worked! Thank you so much @gregs - I’m so pleased with how straight forward and easy it was. Thanks again…I’m sure I’ll be back for plenty more as the weeks wear on, but this also gives me lots of ideas for playing around :pray:t3: