Hide Answer message and bring it to the front

Hello, by using the “Correct Message” and “Incorrect Message” function I got two problems. In the TOC these messages are visible but I don’t want this. To make them not visible I insert a white shape over them. But is there another solution to hide them in the TOC preview of the thumbnails?

And the second question: How to bring the messages to the front? “Bring to the front” “CRTL+Home” in the object settings is not working.


I am afraid that you may have to customize the Shape in the Object Settings (change shape color to white) and then add shape to overlay the message in the editor.

The “Bring to front” allows you to place the object at the top of all other objects so you will need at least two objects to enable this feature.
While the Object Settings view allows you to customize the default settings for EACH object type. There is only one object type shown for editing one turn.


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Thanks a lot Phuong, but this all is not working. I search here with the keyword “z-index” and found a similar question. Your answer was that it is not possible to set an object from a the master slides in front of another object from the normal slide.

So I keep my white shape over the message answers, but shift all to a free place on my quiz slides.

Greetings Oliver

You just want it so it does not appear in the TOC thumbnail?

Perhaps more work than it is worth depending on how things are set up now but what if you bring the opacity down to zero and utilize whatever triggers it to appear to also bring the opacity back up when it is revealed.

Or perhaps do something onLoad to bring it back in?

$(prez.object("objName").node).animate({opacity: 1});
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Thanks a lot Greg for your nice answer. I found a good solution for this work. Background: We´ve hundreds of quizzes (each 10 to 25 slides) finished in AP. Now some colleagues asked to change this to get immanently the feedback if the answer was right or not. So I create a template for this. From this template I copy the master slides and paste them into the existing quizzes. Then I change the layout of the quiz slides. Work very good. And now I placed the messages here. Covered with a blue shape.

Have a great weekend