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In creating a game, the directions says to create a question layout on the Master slide. However when I am in the master view on master slide, the question tab is grayed out, thus I cannot create the layout. Please advise.


As you may know, a slide master includes a master layout and a set of custom layouts.
The Question layout is created by default (the 4th custom layout).
You can see its name when hovering the mouse over it.
Please take a look at the image below for a better understanding:

So, just select and customize this Question layout without adding further Question layouts.
All the changed properties you made here will be applied to the layout of all question types in the normal editing view.

In case you want to add more master or custom layouts, ActivePresenter also allows you to do that with a few clicks.
Please check out this article to get handy information about using Slide Master in ActivePresenter: How to Use Slide Masters in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.
Alternatively, watch the tutorial video for details:

Hope that it helps.
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Thank you for your continued support.
New Snag. When testing out the game I’ve created, the slides will not moveto next slide once an answer has been selected. Please advise.

Hi again,

By default, after you select an answer and click the Submit button, a feedback layer will appear, for example, the Correct Feedback Layer.
Then, clicking the Continue button on that layer will navigate your project to your next slide.

Depending on the way you customize your project, the issue may come.
For better illustration, kindly send us your project with clear information so that we can further assist.
You can attach it here or email it to


Hi Wilma,

Thanks for sending your project.
We’ve checked it and responded to you via email.
Hope that it meets your needs.