Hangman - A New Interpretation

Here is another fun game that most of you will be familiar with - Hangman!

I chose to interpret this in a slightly different way - with ropes displayed rather than actually putting someone in a noose.

For those who may be unsure - your goal is to guess the word for which the same number of blanks will be shown as the number of letters in the word.
Choose letters with your keyboard. If the letter is in the word - all of them will display. If the letter is not found in the word, a rope will descend. After six ropes, you will be hung, and you will lose that round. Hit the Next Word button to move on.

Features of this version…

  1. Your game is made up of 10 words pulled randomly from a list of 25 words.
  2. Wins, Losses, and total number of ropes are tracked
  3. Choose your letters using the keyboard
  4. Chosen letters are highlighted for you.

Can you win all ten and have the least amount of collected ropes?
Good Luck!

Hangman Game


:scream: :scream: The game is thrilling for me. Many people will find it interesting, I believe :tada:
Excited goes along with nervous :smile:
Thank you!

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