Group of questions


I need to set up 3 pools of questions, connected to a report slide where the result is shown separately. I’ve tried to use the default variables, but they only work for the total quizzes taken in the project.

this a visual scheme of what I mean=

Is it possible to set this up?


Hi Cecilia,

Yes, it’s possible by adding a variable for each group, then increasing that variable by 1 each time a question in that group is correct.




Thank you Toan for your answer. Now, how can I add a variable to show the percentage of completed questions for each group?

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what did you mean. You don’t know how to add a variable, or you want to show the percentage instead of the “correct / total” (e.g show 50% for 5/10 correct questions)?

Sorry, I should have made my question more specific. I’m trying to set up the variable “apQuizTakenInteractions” but for each group of questions, not for all the project. Ideally, I’d like to show the result as a percentage instead of a complete number. So that the user can see the progress of completion.

eg. Group 1=
Correct Answers: %group1Corrects% / 12
Answers complete: 50% (in this case the user completed half of the questions, no matter correct or incorrect.)

I hope there is a way of doing that, if not, I’ll adapt the content.

thank you for your support

To count the number of complete questions, you just need to update the variable in both On Correct and On Incorrect events for graded questions and On Complete event for survey questions, as shown in the following screenshot:


Showing the number of complete questions in percentage is quite complicated because it’s real number, not integer. We need to use JavaScript to handle some more things such as the rounding error, the display format (e.g. show how many digits after the decimal point)… So I think you should display it as %group1Taken% / 12 instead of percentage.


sorry to be a pain. :wink:
I attach an example of what I’m trying to achieve:

  • the user decides what group of questions to answer first
  • after each group is answered, the presentation goes back to the first slide, and the button changes to “restart” state
  • if “restart” button is clicked, the user can practise the questions again (but without restarting the presentation).

now the problem is that I can not manage the system variables to adjust them to zero and let the user answer the questions again.

Could you please check my project and let me know if this is possible?


RestartButton.approj (572 KB)


You can set the question max attempts to infinite so that they aren’t disabled once answered. Because the max attempts is not 1, the user can answers a question multiple times, so we must add an additional variable for each question to mark it as complete or not and update actions to count number of complete questions.
For more details, please see the revised project.
RestartButton.revised.approj (864 KB)