Grey border on final scorm output

Maximise screen output.

Can someone guide me on how I can get rid of the grey border that is coming out on the scorm? I have attached a screen shot and also my current settings.

Hi LIsaM,

Could you try selecting Fit to Window in the Player Size and changing the Border Background in the Color Parameters section (as in the below image) to see if it works:

Change border background


Thank you for your help. I have done both suggestions and it is still the same.


Can you please share the screenshot for the problem after selecting Fit to Window? Please exporting the project to HTML5 and view it in the browser to see if it works.


Active Fit to Window


You can see the grey border here and it takes up a lot of the screen. It is not an LMS issue because when I preview this before uploading to the LMS it is the same.

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. I understand the problem now.
For a normal project, the ActivePresenter player works like a video player. It keeps aspect ratio of content and adds neccessary paddings to fill entire the player window (web browser window in this case). If you want your content fills entire the window, please consider using Responsive Project instead.


Thank you. I will have a look at this.

I forgot to mention that you can convert a project to a responsive one by selecting ActivePresenter > Project > Convert To Responsive. You will need some modifications after converting but it may be a time saver.

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That worked perfectly for me, thank you so much

We have this issue too. We tried to export to html5 as suggested. However, we don’t know how to import the output to our LMS (Moodle). It seems it requires am h5p file. How to export in this format?

Hi @maxsot,

ActivePresenter supports exporting your project to SCORM and xAPI packages, which are fully compatible with LMSs that support these standards.
So, please export your ActivePresenter project to a SCORM package ( then you can upload that package to Moodle.