Graphics in multiple-choice-questions / single-choice-quastions

I really love your software, I got some chance to test it.
But I still bare to buy it by myself.

I would like to do quizzes with it and I still miss the possibility to add images/graphics to answers (multiple-choice, …)

It is possible to add plain text to an answer, but not any image or other content. Of course you can place an image on top of an answer, but with different screensizes it does not bind its position to the specific answer anymore. Also if you wish to mix the order of answers (automaticaly), you cant place images in general, because they get not mixed in binding with their corresponding answers they belong to.

So images have to be inserted into the answer itself, and this seems not to be possible by now. Is there a chance to get a possibility to add a container instead of a plain text as an answer? So you can design the container which is synchronized with the position of (correct/incorrect) answers.

If you have a question related to select a correct diagram (image) as an answer, I do not see a (good) possibitily to do this right now.

Or did I missed something?

Hello Marco,

you can insert the images manually, also so that they do not lose the binding when mixing.

Now you can customize the fields to your needs

and also insert any image, therefore check the answer box and change the fill option

The text should delete of cause :slight_smile:

All the best

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Hello Oliver,
thank you for your reply.
Yes, it is possible to apply a picture somehow, but to be fair … the result is inacepptable at all.

The selectionbox is right in front of the picture, you cant add additional text to the image (because is is in front of the picture) … its bad … (sorry)

So please: Feature-request: Make it possible to add a container to an answer so you can style the container by yourself, with images, text, tables … having the selectionbox left or right of it.

Hi Marco,

Currently, you can only fill the image as Oliver suggested, and hide the radio button (Format tab > Show Toggle Button) if needed.