Go to Slide at index using a variable

Problem: Hello! I´m trying to make a “report a bug” feature in my lessons. For that, have a button on each page, that sets the current slide index to a custom User Variable (Var Pagina, type: Number) and sends the user to a Survey slide (excluded form TOC). I´ll send the results via post request to an external database.

Once the user sends the report, I want to show a “thank you” message and return to the reported page (the slide index is still kept in the User Variable). I´m trying to use Advanced Actions and adding a parameter. But I can´t pass the variable to the parameter. On the “actions” pane on the Advanced Actions I can add “Go to Slide at Index” but either to a hardcoded number or to a Number Parameter. But I can´t set this parameter to the variable.

Can you please help? Or point out an easier way to accomplish this…

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.2

OS: Win 10 Pro, 64bits

Notes: I know it´s probably a very noob question, sorry about that…


I’ve made a sample that can go to a slide index by using a variable. Please check it out.

In the sample, I use JavaScript to set the current slide index to the variable. Then I use this variable for go to slide index in JavaScript code.

We will improve this in future releases.

VariableSample.approj (204 KB)

Thank you very much!

Best regards!

Thank you. I ahve been looking for this for a while.


This feature is already supported in ActivePresenter 8, you don’t need to use JavaScript anymore