Ghosting from previous slide

Problem: Ghosting of objects from previous slide on video export

ActivePresenter version: 9.1.3

OS: Windows


I’ve imported a set of powerpoint slides that I am turning into a video. One one slide, I have a number of objects including several boxes with no line, but custom shadows imported from PowerPoint. The next slide starts blank with a voice object introducing the slide.

Until the first new object is shown, there are “ghost” objects from the previous slide - the shadows of the boxes. I’ve confirmed this by changing the shadow colour and this is visible.

The shadow is on the next slide - confirmed because the voice over on that slide has started. If I change an object so that it has a line, but no shadow then the ghosting does not happen.

Similarly, if I change the shadow to one of the ActivePresenter presets, the ghosting goes away.

I’ve just changed the object, sorts my issues out and fixes the video - but seems like a bug in the powerpoint import?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your description.
Please share with us your powerpoint file and your ActivePresenter project (.approj) after importing powerpoint presentation so we can further check.
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and then send the link and the access right to


No problem. Let me create a version that doesn’t have any commercially sensitive content in it - hopefully this produces the same effect.

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