Ghost image on a slide

Problem: In a current projet on a specific slide, an image that we installed is now impossible to manipulate, to move on the timeline or even to delete. I even tried to remove the portion of the timeline “occupied” by that image. No effect (It places itself aside). However, the image appears as I try to work.
If I click on the Hide icon (the Eye), It disappear, but if I click on Play, it become visible. How can I have this image in a solid form (so I can manipulate it) or get rid of it?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: Windows 10


Hi Yvon,

Please make sure to unlock the lock icon on the Timeline pane as the attached image below. If it still doesn’t work, send us your project having the problem to so that we can take a look at it.
We just need the slide containing the issue. So, you can delete the other unnecessary slides to reduce the project file size.

Best regards,