GetValue(cmi.suspend_data) failed

I’ve used the free version of Activepresenter to assure that the package will work with our LMS365 system. On the first attempt of an uploaded SCORM package the user receives the message “GetValue(cmi.suspend_data) failed. Data Model Element Value Not Initialized” If the lesson is closed and reopened there are no issues. LMS365 has replicated the problem but indicated it is on authoring side.

If I upgrade to the pro version will this go away?

Hi Jim,

The Free version works in the same way as the Pro version except watermark is embedded into non-free outputs to denote that is for trial purpose only.
Since I don’t have an account to upload course to LMS365, can you please check if the course works when uploading to the following popular LMSes:


I get the same message in the pro version. Did you ever get an answer to your question? I also use LMS365.

I never received resolution. LMS365 is looking at it on their side.

ATOMI sent me patches. In the email I received with your reply, it appeared they sent them to you also. The patches worked for me so far, so perhaps they will work for you too. If you can’t find the patches, I suggest you ask them to resend them.

Thanks for the reply! I did not receive patches, but I received notification from LMS365 that they are performing a hotfix tonight. I’ll wait for that before reaching out for the patches.

LMS365 did not tell me they were doing that, so awesome! Let me know if that helps.

Hi Jim,
Hi Jay,

The patch simple suppresses the error returned from LMS365 which seems to be not following the SCORM specification. It is great to know that LMS365 is fixing for the issue and I think it is the best way to resolve problem.

Please let me know if there is any update on this.


They replied to me that they were deploying the patch/hot fix today. I’ll let you know what happens.