German keyboard and shortcut problem Shift+[

Want to use the Shortcut: Shift+[ (Set start marker on time line)
If I switch to US keyboard-layout works fine.
But I use german layout. On german layout, I have to press AltGr+8 to get the [. So I tried Shift+AltGr+8, but nothing happens.

(Want to add: Even using only the shortcut [ (Move the Playhead to the start marker of the selected range) does not work on german layout. I should use Shift+8, but nothing happens)

Can somebody help me?

ActivePresenter version:
Version 9.1.1 - 64-bit build. (Veröffentlicht: 2023.07.19)
Windows 10, configured in german

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the shortcut issue you’re experiencing.
I’m afraid that ActivePresenter hotkeys might not be fully compatible with German.

Have a nice weekend.
Best regards,

Thank you for the fast answer, Phuong.
(Unfortunartly, it is the most important shortcut of all)
have a good weekend, too
Best Thomas

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