Free Sprite sheets

I just bought Saola Animate and I want to try out Sprite Sheet animation. Every site I visit either the sheets are not really free or you have to sigh up, receive the email, wait to get accepted- all of which takes forever.

Can someone point me to a site I can just download a sheet. Just a simple sheet that I can make the character walk and I can move him a long the timeline with a motion path?


OK I got a free sprite sheet! I got it uploaded and it works perfectly. Now I want to move the sprite from right to left along a base line on the stage so it looks like its running across the stage. I tried to create a Motion Path like I would do a built in shape by selecting it an chossing the diamond for locations but it doesn’t work for there is no property for location on a sprite! Can someone help me out or direct me to a more active board that handles Saola?

Hi Paul,

You can add motion path or position (left/ right/ top/ bottom) animation to the image element after creating sprite sheet animation.
Otherwise, you can add a background image and animate it in reversed direction so that it looks like the sprite is running across the stage as in the following tutorial:


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Thanks, Toan. I got the sprite to move along a motion path but now it is no longer running! :frowning:

It’s the same as moving other types of elements, nothing special. If you can’t manage it yourself, you can share the project, I’ll help checking it.

Thanks, I assume it needs to be uploaded as a package file.Sprite-one.saolapack (140.4 KB)

Here you are: sprite-fixed.saolapack (141.9 KB)

In current version, existing animations will be removed when creating sprite-sheet animation, so you have to add motion path after creating sprite sheet. We’ll try to improve it in future releases.

In the attached sample, I convert the sprite-sheet to symbol, add trigger to loop it, and add motion path to the symbol. Another way is using an additional timeline for playing and looping sprite-sheet animation, and the main timeline will play that timeline.


Thanks Toan, I love learning all this. I wish I could find more tutorials on the net. I’m going to try Greensock with Saola next as you suggested to someone else on the forum.