Font with different weights in Mac


On a Mac, I find that fonts with different weights (Bold, Semibold, Regular, Light, Thin) etc. show up with only one font name in the Font dropdown.

How can I choose the “Light” fontweight for e.g., for a font I select?




You can try typing the font name with the “Light” font weight, for example Helvetica-Light.
But it doesn’t work when exporting with Embed System Fonts option.


I tried typing “Light” and “-Light” in the dropdown after my fonts, but it does not work.

Given that each font family often have more than 10 different weights, some work around would be very helpful.

Is there “any” other way to get access to different font weights – perhaps through CSS or giving the font file a different name etc?

Hi Shawn,

If your font license allows modification, you can use a font editor (e.g. FontForge) to edit your font names and id for each weight, save and install it as a different font.
You may need to change PS Names (Font name, Family name…) and TTF Names (Unique ID, Preferred Family). If you use FontForge, these names can be found in Element menu > Font Info dialog

We’ll try to support more font weights in the future.


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Thank you – works exactly as you suggested. Using FontForge you will need to make the changes as suggested above. Its important to not add any spaces in the new name – just add a “-X” at the end of all the fields.

Then generate the newly named font via FontForge into another folder. Install the font, restart Saola and it will show up!

Thank you!

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