Folders for Timeline Items


I’m ending up with lots of images and text objects in some of my slides. I’d love the ability to put them in a “folder” on my timeline and then collapse them so they aren’t visually in the way as I work with the timeline.

Also, tiny correction - when opening a project, the dialogue is misspelled “openning” (two N’s).



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Thanks you for the spell correction, we’ll update it in the next release.
Regarding the timeline items, we’ll consider if there’s more requests from users. However, in current version, you can reduce the item spaces in some cases:

  • If object time bars don’t overlap each other, you can drag to place them in one line.
  • If objects have the same lifetime, entrance, exit effect, and don’t have any emphasis effect, you can select them on the canvas, right-click and select Group to group them.