Flickering transition between slides

Hi Friends, I have 6 slides. When I come from the main menu to the other slides following that, there is a flickering effect between the slides (Even without any transition effect). Sometimes it flickers once, other times twice. What could have caused this? I am using macOS Ventura (72Gb Ram). I even run after exporting to HTML5, and the problem persists.
I have a link attached here as an example:

I would appreciate some help trying to stop it.
Thank you

Hi Denilson,

Thank you for sending the HTML5 files, but we need to take a look at your project to investigate the issue further. Could you please email us your project and its external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files to support@atomisystems.com?
If the files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and share the download link (with access permission) with us.


Here it is…


Please let me know if you need anything else.

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Thank you for sending the project file.

Due to the large 4K video you are using, the browser takes longer to load and render. As a result, it might cause some flickering effects.
To solve this problem, you should include transitions between slides if you would like to use the 4K video like that.
In addition, we see that you reuse the AbtUs video on many slides. To not have to recreate the video at every slide, you can choose to show the video across multiple slides by right-clicking it and selecting Play over Multiple Slides > Bottom Layer.

Best regards,