Flickering transition between scenes

Hello nice people at Saola and in the forum!

I am trying to do some interactive photo/video stuff with saola. The Idea is this:

SCENE 1: Show a video, at the end of the video jump to Scene 2
SCENE 2: Show the last frame of the previous video, so it looks as if the video stopped. Now let the user do some interactive stuff, and also let the user jump to scene 3
SCENE 3: Play another video

Now the transition from Scene 1 to Scene 2 works fine here. But when jumping from scene 2 to scene 3 (with another video), the screen shortly shows an empty frame, white in my case. Then the video starts. I would like to avoid that empty white flickering. Do you think this is possible, any idea? Here is the project as a package file.

Also, the problem can be examined online here.

Thanks a lot! Martin

Hi Martin,

Did you try the same trick for scene 3: insert a frame image underneath the video?
This trick may not remove the flicker completely but it can reduce the flicker because the image will be loaded and rendered faster than the video.

If you want to remove the flicker completely, you can consider setting your video or background image elements show across multiple scenes (right-click them on Canvas and select Show Across Scenes from context menu).
Please note that elements show across scenes will have higher z-index (1) than elements in a normal scene. So you may need to set a class with z-index for normal scenes or elements in normal scenes to make them appear above across-scene elements