Fill in text & case sensitivity

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I ‘m preparing an exercise. I ‘d like my users to listen to a sentence and then complete that sentence with the missing word or words. …like a dictation.
I prepared some examples but even though I have unclicked “case sensitive” in the properties tab the results take into account and show an error if the user enters empty space just after completing the missing text field - I presume the software considers this extra space as an text entry . This is a little problematic as when you type, some people have a tendency to automatically hit enter after a typing a word. (By the way, I also tried with clicking case sensitive and added extra values) .
I hope it’s clear. Perhaps I should use a different quiz type …. any help appreciated.

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Is this a text entry?
Perhaps an option here is to try to limit the number of characters that can be entered.

I did not see a way to do this by the UI but a JavaScript solution may help.
The idea is that an extra space at the end would not be allowed to register if the learner had entered the correct response.

You might try to add this as an onLoad script to the slide.

setTimeout(function() {

You can replace the testTEB above with the name of your input field and you can change the number 7 to an appropriate value for your exercise.

Curious to know if this will work for you.

Hi Eugene,

It seems that you are using a Fill in Blanks question.

This is a little problematic as when you type, some people have a tendency to automatically hit enter after a typing a word.

In ActivePresenter, hitting Enter after typing a word won’t add extra space whether it’s a Fill in Blanks, Fill in Text Entry, or Fill in Text Entries question.

To overcome the situation where learners enter empty Space after completing the answer, you can consider adding correct answers that have space at the end.

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Hi Greg and Hang,
Thank you both for your replies. I haven’t tried to implement the script you sent Greg as I didn’t have the time. I ended up creating the quiz with H5P as it was less frustrating.
Before posting to the forum, I did try Hang by adding an extra space (with extra value) with and without the case sensitivity box ticked.
I know that logically it should just take into account the letters and spaces entered in the “fill ins”, but as mentioned, somehow while testing it only counted correct when I didn’t hit enter after typing in the words (i.e. when I didn’t hit the enter key on my keyboard after typing in the word(s). ).
As mentioned, I ended up creating the same quiz in H5P. You just need to inform the app that the word(s) to fill in are between asterisks, for example: She said she had gone to Paris.

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Thank you for your informative response.

It would be really helpful if you could send an example of the problematic project so that we can investigate further. Despite our testing with and without hitting the Enter key, we haven’t identified any issues.
You can either attach the project here or email it to us at Also, please let us know the browser you are using for preview.