Feedback page, different (text) feedback from different points

I would like to modify the feedback page so that different feedback is displayed for different scores. For example, if the maximum score is 2 and you get 0 points = it went badly, 1 point = it went very well and 2 points = great, full points! I can probably make the texts as text boxes, but how do I determine whether a certain text box should be visible based on the score?

Thank you for your answer!

What I would do is create some conditional actions.
The conditional actions are meant to compare variables and respond differently based on the defined conditions.


Generally speaking it might read like this

IF varSCORE equals 0 then show the bad box.
IF varSCORE equals 1 then show the very well box.
IF varSCORE equals 2 then show the great box.

Where varSCORE is the name of the variable holding the current score.

If using the native variables, you will want to adjust the variable to apQuizScore

You could do different boxes or one box with multiple states.

I would do this as an onLoad action to the slide.

Hope this helps.

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Awesome, it works great!

Thank you for your help.

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