Faster Exporting using more CPU cores / CPU Time

I understand that the number of CPU cores any program will use is limited by the main program coding. In this day and age, many people have 4, 6, 8, or more CPU cores. I, myself have a liquid-cooled quad-core and when I am exporting the video it’s only showing 45-50% CPU usage. As an example, a 10 minute video converted into any of the available formats takes just a few minutes, 6 to 7 I’d say, which is phenomenal compared to another program that I own that converts old VHS to DVD but uses only 1 (ONE) core because of the program limitations. Yes, they are big files…but only using ONE of my FOUR CPU cores??? Ugh! Waste of a whole day or more converting. However, I wanted to put this little bug in your programmers ear that perhaps the main executable code should be updated to not ONLY accommodate more CPU’s, but also give the user control of just how MUCH CPU time was being used. This would allow the product’s users to determine if they want it to really “crunch-that-data-NOW-and-fast” versus the user who isn’t in such a hurry and wants to use their computer for other things while the task is being quietly processed in the background using only a fraction of the CPU’s core(s) time.
Thank you for listening to your users. That…is customer care. :fist_right: :fist_left:

Hi @DaddyM0E,

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to improve this in the future releases. The current version does contain an option named Using software rendering instead of GPU rendering that allows using more CPU time. It may help to improve exporting speed on some computers. You can find it in Preferences > Miscellaneous tab.