Failures Saola Animate

I realized that Saola Animate there are many bugs that I can work as easy as Tumult hype.

Here I use with Windows.

  • You cannot move as fast with space command or mouse scoll to move the scene as Photoshop or affinity Designer.

  • If you select group and resize it will not reduce the group. Just change each item. It makes no sense.


Here is the picture.

  • Duplicate items with Ctrl + D command

  • If you have selected an element and I want to change the number in properties you have to type the number but it does not allow me to move so easily and quickly. Very complicated and waste of time. For example: radios or text size I can’t work so easily with mouse scroll … it’s the weirdest UI I’ve ever seen.

  • icon to change the color is too small because I have 27 inch monitor. There is also accessibility for people with low vision.

  • For animation you cannot change the text every keyframe. Why?

  • Command to add the polygons faster. For example: r: rectangle
    e: circle
    t: text
    a: audio
    v: video
    I: image
    s: Symbol
    h: html widget.

  • Missing inner shadow.

  • If changing the polygon as a rectangle or circle does not allow me to press with ctrl to have the same horizontal and vertical measurement.

There is no export mp4

The fact that software of a specific genre behave differently is hardly a failure or a bug. I also use Affinity Photo & Designer and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator plus looked at Adobe Animate before settling with Atomi. All these products have their differences - some people like the way the work - others prefer different platforms.

On the whole given that Saola Animate is on v2 - I find that it already offers a variety of ways to achieve different objectives making it accessible to a wide audience.

You have valid points, for the way you work and the software you come from - but these are mostly features requests not failures or bugs and the Atomi team do listen to them.

A couple of things that may help you or others:

  1. You can change text by adding a timeline trigger / action on any keyframe to change text.

  2. Proportional scaling can be achieved by clicking the lock dimensions icon in the property box for your element.

  3. Inner shadow is possible by adding a CSS class to an element.

On some of the other points:

Yes, additional features when handling multiple objects would be useful as would Control-D (though I think that was already requested).

As for the text sizing, yes the value box does appear to behave differently when scrolled in the pop-up toolbar compared to the text panel and this is different to the other value boxes with increment in 1 or 10.

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It makes no sense that you can work with different software way. because almost everyone is using the software very similar ways with UX and keyboards. For affinity and adobe examples very similar.

Here are some very simple examples but very annoying to work on a daily basis.

The circles are grouped and I want to change the size in the same group but they don’t allow me … (it doesn’t make any sense) and I lazily work hard to change each circle.



I do not know because the rule guide does not work … it is a tool that uses art softwares a lot.


These images do not allow me to see the elements are out of a scene so that the smaller elements without flawless design that is out of the scene.


I think you have to realize here in Saola Animate is very little activated in forum … For a software with UX more rare exists.

I hope that next version can do many better

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I know that it works very well with the size but I talk about text content does not allow me to change when changing keyframe.

Tumult hype if it works great.

Hi Casimiro,

Saola Animate is a web animation tool, it’s a bit ridiculous to require it to work similar ways as graphic design tools like Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

For example, changing the group size as you mentioned is the way HTML elements work. If you want to scale its children, you must select all children and set their positions and sizes to %. I believe that any web animation tools work that way.

Of course, some requests are properly, such as resizing multiple selected elements (please be noticed that it’s different from resizing a group element). We’re always listen to feedback like that to improve our products.

In addition to points that @mackavi provides to help you, there are some others below:

  • You can scroll your mouse to change a property value in Properties pane, but you must click to focus the property first. Why the property must be focused? Because Properties pane is also scrollable, if we allows scrolling to change a property without focusing, properties may be changed accidentally when users scroll the pane.
  • You can set keyboard shortcuts to insert elements in Preferences > Shortcut > Element.

Moreover, please clarify the points below if you actually need help:

I’m not sure what it is.

Please provide a screenshot of this issue.

Your images don’t show that.


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Brilliant - thank you for that piece of information. I hadn’t realised I could manipulate the elements of a group that way.

Here video is an example that Affinity designer has to move the scene with space keyboard or mouse scoll click

Here is an example to see the line to see if it is off the scene. If there is no line. Impossible for orientation the position of the scene. SI has many compositions.

It’s called panning. Saola Animate doesn’t create a very large workspace which always show scrollbars so this feature may not be necessary. It just shows scrollbars when the scene is zoomed larger than the workspace. In that case, Shift + mouse whell will scroll horizontally, mouse wheel will scroll vertically.

I see. We may support it when dragging objects.
But please note that in Saola Animate, objects outside of the bottom and the right edge of a scene are still visible in the output (except when the scene overflow is hidden).