Failure to record after latest updates

Problem: Failure to record after latest update

ActivePresenter version: 8.32

OS: Windows 10

Notes: Not able to start recording.Was told to contact support if problems persist

Hi Isma,

Did you see the crash report dialog?

If the crash report dialog appears, please fill in your email address and send it to us.
Besides, could you please send us the log file so we can check. To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon)
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Click View Log.

(If you cannot attach the log here, please send it to


Me too. No crash dialog. The task stays minimally active in Task Manager.

I am able to capture up to one minute. Yesterday, I was recording up to 1.5 hours…today, I can’t save 20 minutes.

Error in the log is RLVideoEncodeThread: Error while encoding video: many times this is a USB drive, which I used successfully up to yesterday, including after the update

Hi Ken_Lyle,

Can you please share the log? Please also make sure that your free disk space is enough for recording, especially for long session.