Extended Player Settings

Hello Community,

I have some questions regarding more customized player settings. I know that it is possible to edit the rlplayer.css file after an export, but unfortunately i am not familiar with css, so it is hard to find out, which variable is the correct one.

Maybe you could help me to allign the following details (for clarification see enclosed figure)

  1. Is it possible to define colors independently for toolbar and TOC?

  2. How to allign the total length and position of the progress bar?

  3. How to hide the information when mouse cursor overlaying progress bar?

  4. Is there such a method to change the positon of TOC hide/show button?

Many thanks in advance! If there is a better way than to edit the exported html files it would be even greater!


ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.2

OS: Win10


Hi Marcel,

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to customize the player as described even with editing the rlplayer.css. We are working on a new version which allows users to create/customize the player easier. Hope it will be available in the end of the next month.


Hi phuongdv,

thank you for your reply. By the way, is there a “no simple way” to customize the player? Maybe I could ask a colleague for help, if one should be more familiar with programming language to get a result.


html5.zip (195.4 KB)


Please extract the attachment to C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\templates to overwrite the html5 folder, then you can edit some information at the end of C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\templates\html5\skin\Modern\player\rlplayer.css file.


Thanks again, editing is possible as i can see at first sight. But it also messed up the content, i cannot see it anymore in preview mode. Fortunately i made a backup of the original html5 folder :slight_smile:. But I will keep on doing some tests.

Do you have news on the availability of settings to customize the player toolbar? Thanks

Please wait in a few days, I believe the next update allows you to customize player extensively.


Thank you very much. I ask this because in mobile devices the player bar of the SCORM package was cut depending on screen resolution and orientation. I hope this issue can be solved.