Exporting e-learning file

Problem: I’m struggling to export my file. Specifically, in the version 7, it seemed that users can export with HTML5 version but still in the package of SCORM. However, in the version 9, the 2 features are separated. I’m taking part in a competition, and they required me to:

  • Package the lesson in either SCORM & xAPI, and export the file with HTML5 (everything has to be packaged in only 1 zip)
  • There has to be an “index.html” file in the SCORM or xAPI zip because the system will scan my zip to see if it is there

What should I do? What if I export to SCORM, and decompress the zip to change the file name, and then recompress it, will the receiver know I’ve done so?

Thank you.

ActivePresenter version: 9