Exported video inconsistent

Problem: The exported HTML files contains bug. There is no browser which consistently runs the HTML files perfectly.

ActivePresenter version: 7.5.13 (Released: 2020.03.03)

OS: Windows

Notes: HTML file needs to be restarted sometimes in order to run smoothly. In some screens, Bug occur such as black video. In some browsers, some features manually coded in the proj. file do not apply. Is there any way to make the exported video work perfectly in ALL of types of latest browsers? We’re worried that once we release the material, some will have trouble in running the .HTML file. If it cannot run in all types of browser, May I ask for your suggested browser? Because even the latest google chrome, and Microsoft edge has problems running the exported file. Hoping for your immediate assistance. Thank you very much!


Could you please provide the following files so we can check:

  1. The project which has the problem and its external data folder named in the pattern PROJECT_FILE_NAME_files in the same folder of the project.
  2. The screenshot of the issue.
    You can send to support@atomisystems.com


Thanks for your response!

Unfortunately, we cannot send you the Project File as it contains details and process in our system.
I can provide you the screenshot of the project file and the exported file opened multiple browser.
Once you see the screenshots, please don’t mind the black boxes as we put it there to hide the details of our system. However, please do check the red boxes as those contain the error / bug.
For the first screenshot (Filename: screenshot1), you can see that in the project file, there is supposedly a message box which should appear at the lower right. However, if you check the second screenshot (Filename: screenshot 2), None appears. Also for the third screenshot (Filename : Screenshot3), you can see that in the project file, there is supposedly a video background beneath the Message “Search Customer Entity no.” But on the exported HTML5 (Filename: Screenshot 4), the video background does not show. The browser used for screenshot 4 is Microsoft edge.

Thank you very much, and hoping for your response.




Screenshot 4


Can you please check if these issues occur on Firefox browser?



Here are the updates regarding the solutions suggested:

  1. Unfortunately, the bug is still there even though I have used the software rendering.

  2. Firefox browser contains a different error. It buffers, and the buffer doesn’t end.

Here is the link to the Activity log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wucn6c-l9De3KPK4rc_1ZoVpvQ5O_pF6/view?usp=sharing

Thank you so much!


Please ignore the answer about software rendering, he misunderstood your question.

The missing shapes issue doesn’t occur on Firefox so it’s likely a known issue of Chromium based browsers when rendering both video and shapes.
To overcome this issue, you can try adding the following script to the On Load event of the slide that has the issue:

prez.object('The missing object name').node.style.transform = 'translateZ(0)';

For the buffering issue on Firefox, can you please provide a screenshot and some more information?
Does the issue happen when the presentation starts loading at the beginning, or when it’s already playing?

You can also add the following script to the project event (ActivePresenter menu > Project > Properties > Event tab), run the output on Firefox, and send us the logs in the browser console.

AP.logDebug.disabled = false;

To find the browser console, please click on the address bar, press F12 to open the browser developer tool, then switch to Console tab.



After I have entered the code, the shapes are now appearing on Chrome. Thanks! The only problem is that I also put a hidden object in the video. If the user enters the wrong value, that hidden object should show. Google chrome does not show that hidden object.

In firefox, the HTML5 runs smoothly at first. After a while, it will buffer. It happens just right after the start of a new slide.

Here is the link for the log in firefox: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aAfRHUdYHGZVKOp6_IyH41IiVoQ_NdRl/view?usp=sharing



Many animation effects such as fly, peek… will remove the transform property set by the user script. So please don’t use any animation effect when showing the hidden object. You can also run the script after showing the object to set transform again.

Unfortunately, we can’t reproduce the issue in our tests.
Can you please share a small sample project without confidential data so that we can check?
For example, you can copy a slide which has the issue to a new project, keep audio objects and delete video, images…