Exported AVI Videos won't run on Apple Quicktime

Problem: Export to video (of Record Software Simulation) of a Photoshop demonstration using AVI completes conversion, but when I try to run it on my Mac Apple Mac Quicktime (V10.5 standard in the latest OS X 10.14.5)) starts converting the file and then stops with message “Quicktime player can’t open xxxxx.AVI” If I look in the console log the system messages are Result Fail, Could not create an intermediate Track. The Video Codec is MP42.

If I export the same project to MPeg4 Video it works ok (Loads into Quicktime on my Mac) but file size is too big compared to other screen capture applications (double the size).

This AVI version, is, however, only 19mb versus the 43mb of the same video exported into Mpeg4 so it would be much more useful to me, even if the quality was not as high.

I’m sure others have successfully created AVI videos that work on a Mac so what parameters must I use?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: MAC MOJAVE 10.14.5


Hi Roger,

The cause of issue is the difference in video codec. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the codec of the AVI format. Can you please tell does it work if using MP4 format? It has a better file size and quality.


Hi Dao,

It works perfectly in MP4 and with the answer to my other question (how to reduce PNG file sizes) I don’t need to use AVI to get smaller recording sizes.

Do you keep a list of which formats (eg MP4 AVI) work on which platforms as an aid to users wanting to distribute their videos on different platforms?

Kind regards


You can find the codecs for each format in page 223 in User Manual. Currently, MP4 (H264) is the most popular codec which is supported by many devices and platforms.