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Export to Moodle

Problem: How can I export presentation to LMS Moodle different than

ActivePresenter version: 8.1

OS: Windows 10


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Hi Robert, is based on Moodle with some customization for integrating with ActivePresenter. So you cannot publish to other Moodle LMS than ActivePresenter Online.


Hi Nam,
I found on page 400 of ActivePresnter User Manual following text: “Other than ActivePresenter Online, you can also publish your course to another LMS site by clicking the LMS site button. Please be noted that ActivePresenter can integrate with LMS using Moodle and you need to contact us for integration.” This is why I wrote to you. Should I understand that only possibility is manual export of SCORM package?

Hi Robert,

Yes, you are right. We have a Moodle plugin which is used to integrate with ActivePresenter. However, it is not ready to public yet.


You wouldn’t possibly have a plugin for Blackboard integration as well, would you?

Hi Roxie,

Unfortunately, we don’t have planing to support Blackboard integration yet.