Export Quiz Results to an Excel File

Hi…Is anyone already accomplish to export the quiz results to an excel file?

Hi @LukeEmjay - My experience has been that your quiz results would be stored by the Learning Management System where you are hosting the projects you create with ActivePresenter and you would need to export the results from there rather than from ActivePresenter.

I believe the export option found in ActivePresenter will export your slides as pictures into Excel.

I apologize if I misunderstood the question.

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Hi @LukeEmjay,

If you export your project to a SCORM package and upload it to LMS, the quiz result will be sent to LMS. You can seek the option to export the quiz result to Excel from LMS or contact the LMS team for further assistance.

Besides, you can use HTTP Report to send the report data to a Google Sheets document. For details, see the article: How to Send Quiz Report to Google Sheets or to an Email Box - Atomi Systems, Inc.

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Hi @PhuongThuy_Le

What i want to accomplished is to export the result in an excel file directly save in my local disk since where using Windows Server Multipoint…Thank you…


For your information, ActivePresenter hasn’t supported this feature yet, @LukeEmjay.