Export en HTML5 too long

Problem: The HTML5 export is too long.
ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.5
OS: Mac OSX 10.13.6

Notes: I started a job for a client. There are 6 slides of realized. There should be about 80 to 100. For the moment, I have only inserted 2 videos. A tiny 8 MB (158x272 px). And a second of 101 MB (1920x1080 px). The HTML5 export lasted about 11 minutes. However, this work should include about fifty videos of different sizes and durations. I am very anxious about the time needed to export in HTML5 when this work will be finalized (… if I continue to work with ActivePresenter).

Will you soon release a new version of this software with a more efficient export algorithm?


Please use HTML5 Preview function while editing. You should only select Export To HTML5 in final stage.
We will try to improve the speed in the future.