Expected release date of Saola Animate 3

Hello !

As I wandered through the support section I have seen that there is a lot of new stuff coming
to Saola Animate version 3 and judging from current version I would certainly go for it upon release !

So, is there any possibility that you could tell us when it is supposed to be released ?


Hi Nikolaos,

Thank you for your interest in Saola Animate.
Saola Animate version 3 is under active development. Hopefully it will be available around September this year.


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Dear Toan !

My sincere thanks for your reply !

I will be waiting for this version very eagerly.

My sincere wishes for courage, strength and successful development to you and the whole team of
your company !


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Thanks, Nikos.
If you have any issue or feature request, please let us know.


Dear Toan !
In fact I have a feature request, which probably falls into the release after version 3.
I am a Science teacher in a Senior High School of Greece as a Chemistry graduate and there is a growing interest in producing animations regarding Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.
Since Flash technology is being rapidly abandoned, one who would like to create animations should definitely turn to HTML5 now.
However, producing serious science or math animations in HTML5 can not still be done without coding and without using Physics or Math enabled Javascript libraries as well.
I think that there would be an enormous challenge if Saola Animate could incorporate some animation features now present in libraries like matter.js, cannon.js and jsxgraphcore.js to name a few, easing people, who can not code or do not have enough time to code for whatever reason, to the production of high quality scientific animations almost effortlessly.
To my personal opinion this would skyrocket the value of Saola Animate.
Please consider this with your development team !
Looking forward to version 3 !

Hi Nikos,

Physics animation is already in our TODO list, maybe it’ll be available in version 3.x but not 3.0, unfortunately.
Regarding other subjects such as Maths, Chemistry…, there are not many requests on them so we can’t make any promise now.


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I’m glad you’re already working to create version 3.x in September …

One thing about mathematics … I think it is not ideal for focusing only on Mathematics … You can also create a dynamic or database without codes … it is enough to create mathematics or other types. Because the database can create dynamics of the contents … I think so.

Hi, Casimiro,

I am a retired economics lecturer from The University of Arizona in Tucson. I took my entire Economics eTextbook and eWorkbooks that were produced in Adobe Flash and turned them into HTML5/JavaScript because of SAOLA. GREAT, GREAT company.

Here is my website with the eTextbooks and eWorkbooks that are FREE to the world: http://reffonomics.com

Hope what you see in my work helps you in your creations in your work.

Live well, laugh often, and love life much,


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This is taking forever…


Thank you for your interest in Saola Animate 3, which is still in the testing and bug fixing phase.
During the waiting time, let me reveal some new features coming in this latest version .

In detail, you can:
• Beautify elements with preset effects & text animation
• Draw your own shapes with new freeform drawing and editing tools
• Create hand-drawn animations
• Enjoy morph animation
• Create custom elements
• Export to video format
• Show elements across scene
• And more new features and enhancements

Please stay turned and wait for the release of Saola Animate version 3.


Is inner HTML included? if it is, could someone elaborate on the feature?
will Saola 3 be released on 2021??

Hi Joelon,

will Saola 3 be released on 2021??

Yes, definitely :wink:
Saola Animate 3 will support user to create custom elements, which will be useful when you want to create your own HTML tags:



Hi all,

Saola Animate version 3 has been released. Please refer to this post to know the latest information: