Excel import to generate questions


The aim is to have a training as Scorm for a LMS with a video or a PPT presentation and some questions. Is it possible to import these questions from an Excel file and generate from this the question slides?

I guess the following problems: Identifying the question type (single answer or multiple choice), the number of questions per slide, and assigning which answers are correct or incorrect.

At Dec. 18 was a similar request here: Import from Microsoft excel


Hi Oliver,

Yes, the current version of ActivePresenter supports users to add questions from CSV files apart from adding questions manually.
So, the questions from your Excel file can be saved as a CSV file and imported into ActivePresenter.
Kindly take a look at this article and download the sample CSV file attached there to test: How to Add Questions from CSV Files in ActivePresenter 9

You can also find out helpful information about identifying the question type, generating the number of slides, and assigning correct answer/answers through the tutorial.

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Yes :laughing: you can find quick answers by visiting our Tutorials page (ActivePresenter 9 Tutorials - Atomi Systems, Inc.) and YouTube channel (ActivePresenter - YouTube).


testfragen hardness1.zip (1.7 KB)

Hello, so somehow I am too stupid. In the attached example (testfragen hardness) there are only MC questions. Yet only the first four questions are imported. Is there some formatting error? We had also created the example from you (test) and here everything works perfectly. So there is something wrong in our hardness file. I just can’t find it.

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Hi Oliver,

After checking your files, we find out that the question in row 5th includes the mark " at the beginning.
Please delete that mark and then import the CSV file into ActivePresenter again.

You can download our CSV sample and customize it for your question file.
Our sample is built following the standard format so you won’t face any issues.
And make sure your Excel file is saved as CSV UTF-8 type as the image below:


I’ve fixed your file and attached it with our sample file. Just download it here:
csv.zip (2.1 KB)

Hope that it clarifies.


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