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Events of transparent areas

Is it possible to use / add the the ability to prevent events occurring on transparent areas?

If I use one of the SVG shapes, the parent DIV triggers the event anywhere in the box, not just the visible parts of the SVG.

Hi mackavi,

You can use CSS pointer-events to do that:

  1. In Properties pane of the selected SVG shapes, set a class name, e.g. shape.
  2. In Document pane, click Edit CSS and add the following rules:
    .shape {
      pointer-events: none !important;
    .shape > svg > :first-child {
      pointer-events: visiblePainted !important;

In fact, this feature is already in our TODO list, but due to some limitations in the editor, it’s still not available yet.


Thank you.

I was setting it on the SVG not the Path.

Out of interest, I saw the post on manipulating SVG which involved an iframe and the post of input boxes and was wondering whether it is possible to do something similar with some SVG code.

I added a DIV and used the HTML option to add some SVG but it remove it on closing the edit.