Essay Questions

New to Software so apologies if I missed a thread

In an interactive presentation, I understand I can create an essay question.

However when I created it the submit button does not appear, when I am inserting after an imported PPT Slide

Part 2 - unclear from instructions or tutorial videos how can I as a teacher see/receive the student answers. Am I missing a box on the reporting slide addon?

Any guidance would be exceptional


Hi Jason,

The submit button for question layout is missing when importing PowerPoint presentation. We’ve fixed already and it will be available in the next release. However, you can easily insert the submit button to your slide by inserting a button then add a Submit action for that question.

Part 2: If you host your course in an LMS, you can see the result in LMS. If you don’t use LMS, please send the report to Google Sheet or email to see/receive the student responses: