Error Message while using Active Presenter 9

I tried to send Report several times, but did not receive any feedback on the following problem:

A problem has caused your program to close.
Reporting this error will help us make our product more reliable. Please send this error report using the button below. All information is treated as confidential and is only used to improve future versions of this program.

Please assist?


We have checked and found no crash reports associated with your email address.
Could you please confirm whether you provided your email address when submitting the report? If so, kindly let us know the email address that you used to send the report with us by contacting

Best regards,

Thnx for reply!
The email address that gets the Crash Report is:

Dr Jurie

Thank you, @JurPro13

We have found the report sent with this email. We will check it and get back to you later.


Hi @JurPro13,

We have conducted an investigation into the reported issue but have not identified the root cause yet. Could you kindly provide details regarding the steps you took leading to the appearance of the crash report?
Additionally, please share your project (.approj) with us so that we can conduct a more thorough investigation. If your project includes an external data folder named in the format PROJECT_FILE_files, please send both the project file and the associated data folder to us at