End screen keeps appearing on refresh, but I want the start screen to appear whenever the page is loaded

My hidden objects game works fine until i complete it and get to the end slide. The problem is that when i refresh the page, it keeps taking me to the end slide instead of loading the first slide. This never happened before when i exported my project in the older version of active presenter. I have just uploaded to version 9 and when exporting a new version of the game, i get this problem.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.7 for mac

OS: mac

Old version of my exported game where whenever you refresh you get to the starting slide which is correct: Hidden Objects - Level 1 - Up in the Tree

I didn’t change anything in the game, so it must be something with the 9.0.7 exporting. Is there a way to fix this?
New version that keeps refreshing the end slide: Hidden Objects

Hi Sarah,

This happens due to some updates in our latest version.
You can fix this behavior following either way:

  1. For your presentation to automatically restart when you reopen it, you can add the following events - actions to the On Load event of the project: (ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Interactivity tab).
    On the contrary, clear this action will resume where you left off.

  2. Check the Auto Advance option for the last slide:
    And check if the slide has any interaction that pauses the presentation (the interaction that pauses the presentation has a yellow vertical bar displayed in the Timeline pane, see the image below).
    Then, uncheck the Pause presentation to wait for users’ input option.

Hope this clarifies.

Quynh Anh

Ah, thank you so much!

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