Encrypt Data Files

Some of the projects I work on contain corporately sensitive information.
I encrypt the final results but the working files are not secure.
It would be nice to encrypt from within the program


You can set password for a project from ACTIVEPRESENTER menu > Project Properties > Author tab.
However, it only encrypts the project file .approj, large audio/video files stored in an external resource folder will not be encrypted. The minimum size for an audio/video resource to be stored externally can be changed in ACTIVEPRESENTER menu > Preferences > Miscellaneous tab.


Thanks for your reply
I know that I could get third party software to create an encrypted drive - indeed I use steganos to create encrypted safes, but it would be nicer if the audio and video files captured by AP were encrypted by AP itself.
If this isnt possible then a hook so that the output can be passed through a 3rd party encryption tool as it is created and read back would be nice

I agree that it would be nice to have that feature as an option.
But encrypting audio and video would severely affects performance on both reading and writing audio/video, especially when ActivePresenter periodically saves backups while editing.
I firmly believe data encryption should be done at the hardware or firmware level to mitigate performance lost and usability.

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Point taken, I already suffer lag on the autosave and I have a high spec machine