Embedding Saola animation in ActivePresenter

I just purchased the license for Saola, I created an animation and would like to know if I can embed it via Html5 in an ActivePresenter project and then activate it via an “Event”.
I inserted it via “Web Object”, hid the animation and then activated it via “Action/Event”, but it doesn’t work!
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or it can’t be done?
I would also like to know if in the future it will be possible to save animations in Saola as animated gifs. Because videos are not the same, as they do not have a transparent background.
For that reason I am trying with Html5.

Saola Animate version: 3.1.1

OS: macOs Ventura 13.2.1


Hi Betty,

Please send us your ActivePresenter project with a details explanation of your desire so we can support you better. You can attach it here or send it to our email address support@atomisystems.com.
Do you mean that you want to show the Web Object and then start Saola Animate animation in that object?

Regarding exporting Saola Animation animations as animated gifs, we haven’t planned to support it.
We will think about the idea of making transparent videos but we have to consider its feasibility first.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much for your answer PhuongThuy, I solved it another way. :kissing_heart:

Would you mind sharing how did you solve it? thanks

@ Denilson_Reis

Ho creato l’animazione con Saola.
Nell’animazione ho inserito anche lo sfondo utilizzato nel progetto di ActivePresenter, e ho salvato l’animazione come video.

Nel progetto di ActivePresenter ho nascosto il video per attivarlo tramite un pulsante.
Nel frattempo che il video con l’animazione è invisibile, si visualizza lo sfondo identico a quello del video.
Quindi cliccando sul pulsante si nota solo l’animazione.
Spero di essere stata chiara.

Good solution. Thank you!
I’m wondering how would it work if I want to use the video itself as a background for whatever slide I build on top. Any suggestions?

You need to check whether the video you want to use as the background of each slide is to be displayed immediately without any action.
Otherwise, if it is to be displayed after student input, you will need to hide it.
For this reason, I inserted an image identical to the video as a fixed background on each slide, otherwise a blank screen would be seen.

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I just wanna add that if you want to use HTML5 and need the interactions between Saola Animate and ActivePresenter objects, please refer to this thread for details, @Betty:

To use the video itself as a background in your project, you can right-click the video object > Play over Multiple Slides, @Denilson_Reis

Enjoy yourself!


By now I have finished the project as described above, but next time I will consider your suggestion.
Thank you very much and have a great day! :kissing_heart:


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