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Embedding external jscript into HTML page


Hi Team,

The Learning Management system I publish to has a strict policy excluding unapproved 3rd party Jscript files in the uploaded eLearning packages. Until I can sort out approval by submitting a business case, I would firstly like to embed the two external JScript files that export with the Saola output into the html page. I realise it’s not a good practice, but adding some Saola published animations into my eLearning material will go a long way into opening pathways with the LMS gatekeepers.

With my limited skills with jscript I am able to embed the

without too much drama, but with the next script,

I am at a loss to know where to begin embedding the rescale.js script into the html page.

Can anyone help, please?


Saola Animate version: 3.1

OS: Win 10


Hi Evan,

You can do as follows:

  1. Open your HTML5 document JavaScript file (rescale.js) by a plain text editor and copy the document data (excluding the first line and the last two lines):
     var docData = ...
     docData.f = f;
  1. Paste it into your HTML file after the line (function(Saola) {, and replace 'rescale.js' parameter in Saola.openDoc by docData:
     (function(Saola) {
     // start document data
     var docData = ...
     docData.f = f;
     // end document data

     var li = {"color":"#2090e6","density":9,"diameter":60,"range":1,"shape":"oval","speed":1};
     // replace 'rescale.js' by docData:
     Saola.openDoc(docData, 'itXBpQSi', {paused:false, preloaderOptions: li, center: 'horizontal'});})(AtomiSaola);


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You Legend!!
It works!! :star_struck: