Embed Vimeo videos

Hello, is it possible to integrate Vimeo videos? Unfortunately, the YouTube upload function does not allow it. If this is not possible, can the program be expanded to include this option?

Hi Phahn,

In the Insert tab, you can:

  1. Select Video to insert your Vimeo video from your computer.
  2. Select Web Object to embed the link which contains your Vimeo video into ActivePresenter.

For more details, you can refer to this thread: Insert video from Vimeo - #2 by PhuongThuy_Le


Hi Phahn!
I tried this case with video from Vimeo by embedding the code in the Web Objects as shown in the picture and the video didn’t play. But then, I try this case with video from Youtube, Twitter and the video work normally. So I think, you can integrate video from Vimeo, but can only watch it on Vimeo’s website.

Yes, I had the same problem. It is quite sad that not only the video can be integrated. Seeing the entire website is not aesthetic and in our case does not make sense. Maybe there might be a solution for this case in the future…


It’s not related to ActivePresenter at all.
The message means that the video owner (who uploaded the video to Vimeo) doesn’t allow to play the video on a different domain.
For more information, please see this page: Troubleshoot player error messages – Vimeo Help Center

In addition (though it’s not releated to the privacy issue), you should copy only the url in the iframe src to use for the web object: