Embed Active Presenter on a page without an iframe

Hello guys,

I’m looking for the best ways to embed published content from ActivePresenter into an existing HTML page (in WordPress, but not essential), using a tag “div” (do not use iframe). Reason - I want more seamlessness, automatic height changes. I would like to receive recommendations on how best to do this.


ActivePresenter’s HTML5 content will fit within the container but will not automatically adjust the container’s size. So, embedding the content in an iframe or div won’t change the height of the iframe/div automatically, and users will need to adjust it manually. Therefore, the best approach is to embed it within an iframe for simplicity.

For more information on how to maintain the iframe’s aspect ratio, please refer to this link:

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the answer, however, are there any potential problems when using the div tag? Is it possible?

There could be some issues when using a div as follows:

  1. ActivePresenter HTML5 uses certain libraries. If you use these libraries on the main page, there might be version conflict issues.
  2. We haven’t tested whether it’s okay to embed multiple ActivePresenter HTML5 outputs on a single page.

If you wish to embed the content within a div, you can use a text editor to open the html output file of the mode you are using (e.g. tutorial.html). Then, copy the code from inside it and paste it into the main page. The areas marked in red:


I’ve had multiple AP divs in a master index.html file before and did not encounter any significant issues. Just be sure they have distinct ids.

Here was my initial issue that involved the iframes always pulling focus to them which severely impacted our main pages’ accessibility tab order.