Effect domain of circle segments

What I want to do in this activity is to change the color of the circle slices when I click on them.
Since circle slices have a square area, when I combine the slices, their areas overlap, and when the “Click” event occurs, the color of the circle with the upper area changes, not the circle I want to click. How can I solve this problem?

Hi Cemile,

The issue arises because you used images to create the circle in your project. ActivePresenter does not support clicking through the transparent areas of an image. Instead, you need to use shapes, as the project below:
circle.approj (340 KB)

To create such shapes, you can design the shapes in PowerPoint and then import them into ActivePresenter. Alternatively, you can use the Edit Point feature, as demonstrated in this video:

If you prefer to use images, you’ll need to perform some tricks.
First, adjust the sizes of these four images to a square (218x218) and bring them to the front.
Next, create new images for partial circles by using the Save Slide As Image feature in ActivePresenter.

Then, replace the newly created images with the 4 marked ones above.
Finally, change the image shapes to triangle.
Note that this trick may take some time to achieve and may not be applicable to all types of shapes. Therefore, we recommend using shapes instead.

I have attached the corrected project below for your reference.
a_1.approj (1.6 MB)


a.approj.zip (1.8 MB)
I made this project using multi-response. And I assigned visuals to each checklist. That’s why I encountered such a problem. I would be happy if you look at the project I published and help me with this project if there is a solution. Thanks.

Any chance to show how you draw circle segments with shapes? My drawings are not as smooth as yours.

I’ve responded to you in the initial reply. Please refer to it for more information.