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Hello, I am a teacher and I want my students to color the coloring pages with their iPad or iPhone in the course I prepared. Can you write java script code where I can do this? I found one on the form called draw tools, but it only draws on the course on a PC, I want it to do it on a tablet or phone.
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Have you considered creating a color palette of sorts that the students can click/tap the color to select and then simply touch the area they wish to color?

Basically, tapping the color sets a variable to that color while tapping the area to color changes the fill color.

You would need to make some custom shapes using the outlines of your coloring page.

Could you please make a simple sample application and send it to me? even just black color

Here is a short proof of concept.
I did not spend a great deal of time on it. You could certainly be more meticulous with your shapes.

In this example only the hat and the left boot can be colored.

colorPage.approj (348 KB)

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Dear Grek, I am incredibly happy. Thank you very much. I have another problem that I have been struggling with for days, I hope only you can solve it. I prepared a mathematics course and I want my students to do the math on the tablet. So they can mark the result. How can I draw and manipulate with pencil on a published course. Can you prepare an example for this?

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@Tugrul_ALPI -
Sorry - I do not have any experience playing with that sort of interaction

I would imagine that it may require the use of a JavaScript library for easiest implementation. I would begin by trying to research a library that will allow this sort of interaction - then I would load it into the AP project and start experimenting with it.

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