Draw on html5 output slides

Hi, it’s a pretty common feature in any other eLearning software to allow the teacher/student to draw (some allowing multiple color) on the slides. Example like tracing a letter for a learner.

Can it be done in ActivePresenter or is there a workaround to achieve the draw effect in the html5 output? Thanks!

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Thanks for your suggestion.

The current version of ActivePresenter hasn’t supported this feature yet.
We’ll consider doing it if there’s more requests from users.


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Yes, Please! I would find it very useful when teaching if I could highlight, draw, and annotate on the presentation itself. I would definitely be using the program even more than I am now.

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Me too. Please consider adding this feature.

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Was this feature added?


This feature is added in our roadmap.
At this time, there are some tasks with higher priority so we have not implemented it yet.

Have a nice day.

Im not sure if this is possible, but is there a way to use this Create a Drawing App with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript { William Malone } in the current version of activepresenter? I just would like to draw on the final presentation.

Thank you.

Hi luisantafe,

Yes, you can use a Web Object to embed that drawing application into ActivePresenter:


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Up this feature in the new 9 version.