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Drag & Drop suggestion :)

this is not a request is just a suggestion :slight_smile: it would be possible to integrate this script (opensource) drag and drop that has a lot of possibilities including working with SVG files

here is the link


Thank you for your suggestion.

Users can integrate PlainDraggable into their Saola Animate projects as guided in this tutorial:

After that, they can create event handler functions and call them in Saola Animate events to use the integrated library.

I see that PlainDraggable has many features but it doesn’t work well with transformed elements, unfortunately. It’s a good drag & drop library if you don’t use it with transformed elements and don’t enable the document Auto Fit feature (which scales the entire document to fit the viewport).
You can see the issue by dragging the transformed drag source 1 element in this sample:
PlainDraggable.saolapack (13.1 KB)


Hi Toam Le

Thanks for the tips, yeah it doesn’t work well

regards Charlie