Drag and drop Text unreadable

Hello, thank you for the rewiev mod update on the drag and drop questions you made in 9.1.0. However, when I open it in rewiev mode, the check cross marks remain on the texts and are unreadable. I want to put it in the lower right or left corner as in feedback. How can I do it.

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It would be perfect if I could update the pictures of the check and cross signs on this line, which is a mandatory requirement for me.

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Hi all,

@eyyup_dogan, to edit the position of the check and cross marks, you can do either of the following:

  1. Set for all projects:
  • Open the rlplayer.css file in the setup folder of ActivePresenter:

  • Find .ap-feedback-popup-btn {

  • At the end of this section, add the following code:
    right: 0; bottom: 0;

2. Set for 1 project: export the project to HTML5 and then edit file in the output folder.

@Yusuf_YAGCI, you can change these cross and check marks by accessing the SVG icon in the rlprez.js file, and find incorrect and correct.

Kindly note that this hasn’t been tested thoroughly in our test. Therefore, please check during actual usage.

Best regards,

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Thank you @Hang . I’ll try right away.

Thank you. I tried it and it really worked for me. Can it be added to the properties field as a request? This way a customization on the rewiev screen would be great. @Hang

Thank you for your feedback. At present, it is not possible to make them editable from the Properties pane. Nevertheless, we value your request and will take it into consideration for future enhancements.

Best regards,

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