Drag and drop quiz

Hi, I created a Drag and drop Quiz and have some queries:

  1. is there any way the system “shuffles” drag options when the user revisit the slide?
  2. when I import the template the styles for the Master slides are missing. Should I create a separate theme for the Master slides?
  3. is it possible to customize %apDetailedResult%, the chart in the Report slide? I need less columns

thank you

Hi Cecilia,

Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. ActivePresenter has the Shuffle Answers option that only shuffles the drag sources when you launch or refresh the presentation (Not shuffle when the user revisit the slide). You can see that option in Properties pane.
  2. Normally, ActivePresenter will keep the styles when you import templates (PowerPoint or ActivePresenter templates). So, could you explain the problem in more detail? If possible, please send us the screenshots of the problem.
  3. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to customize that variable. We will improve in future releases.