Drag and drop question type help!

Hello, I created a quiz with drag and drop question type. The student dragged them to the drag zones and clicked the submit button. Can I automatically bring the correct answers to the questions that the student made wrong with the show button? We made a show response, but I want it to move its answers to the right place.

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I had this problem before and solved it using the Master Feedback panel. Here are my two cents: :slightly_smiling_face:

Suppose you got slide #1 with a question that, when answered “incorrect,” continues to slide #2 (which is the answer Sheet). On slide #2, you put a “button” to keep it going with the presentation. This way, your student will see what they have mistaken on the previous quiz.
But you may ask, what about if They get the question correct? Would they need to pass through that slide (slide #2) as well? Off course not! Here is what I would do:

On the menu View>Feedback Master, choose the option you want. In this example, I gave you the “Correct” feedback. Click on the blue button of this layer and add another command on its OnClick action after the “hide feedback layer” and add “Go to slide #3.” This way, the ones who mistake the answer will see what they did wrong. But the ones who didn’t make a mistake will jump straight to slide #3 to continue the presentation.

In case you need help customizing the feedback layers, check this out: How to Customize Feedback Layers - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube

Please forgive me if this is not what you’re looking for, but I hope it helps


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Actually, that’s not exactly what I want. I want to create a button named Show answer in Drag Drop question type and when this button is clicked, I want the correct matches to appear in the relevant boxes automatically.

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I understand it. I still believe you can accomplish it using feedback layers and annotation layers (like a rectangle)
This is what I’ve done before. It is a simple example. I would need more information to provide a better solution. I’m showing you what happens when your answers are incorrect and, once again, when the answers are correct. In both cases, it continues the presentation.


In case it is something you are interested in, let me know if you need the file.

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Hi all,

Another way is using JavaScript to drop the drag sources into corresponding drop targets.

// initialize list of drag sources and drop targets in the correct order
// (i.e drag source i should be dropped into drop target i)
var drags = ['Drag Source_4', 'Drag Source_6', 'Drag Source_8'];
var drops = ['Drop Target_5', 'Drop Target_7', 'Drop Target_9'];

// drop drag sources into corresponding drop targets defined above
for (var i = 0; i < drags.length; ++i) {
    var drag = prez.object(drags[i]);
    var drop = prez.object(drops[i]);
    if (drag && drop && drop.dropHelper) {

Sample project:
show drag-drop answers.approj (300 KB)



Yes, this is how I want it. I would appreciate it if you could post this example. And it would be great if you could tell me how you did it. Thanks a lot.

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I wanted it this way, but when we say show the answers, can I show the correct results without deleting the answers made by the student?

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Ok, not a problem. Here is what I suggest:

1- First, you must understand how to manipulate “Feedback Master”. See the suggested youtube video above on my previous post:

2- Create your drag-and-drop question keeping in mind that the individual cells can be moved all over the slide accordingly to your needs. So, set up your text in size and font according to your requirement. Leave the spaces so you can put the missing words. Get the dropping places and format the text sizes you are using. Locate them in the correct area in your text.

3- Format the dragging cells after formating them according to your needs. Spread them as you wish.

4- Create a “submit” button, and at the interactivity panel, add the Onclick action. Choose Submit. Consequently, the option “all showing interactions” will appear). This is going to make the interactions work accordingly to what is expected.

5- Go to View>Feedback master and manipulate the “Incorrect” feedback by clicking on its button and changing the text to “show answers.” (My recommendation is to duplicate the feedback layer and make the changes, so in case you need to use the “incorrect” layer again in the same project, you will have its original one).

6- While running the program, put the correct answers in place and screenshot the right answers in their context. Keep the picture and go back to the feedback master layers again. Duplicate a “blank” layer and make a new layer with the screenshot you took. Rename it and put a button to close the pop-up screen. Add to this button the action of hiding the layer “going to a different slide” and hiding the current layer. This will move you from the answers layer to the next slide.

I hope it helps. My advice is: “Spend some time watching the videos related to the topic. It pays in the end.” Here is the google search where you can find them.

I hope it helps.

Feedback_to_Drag_and_Drop.approj (964 KB)


Thank you very much for your interest. I will apply it to my quiz system. If there is anything I need to ask, I will message you again.


You can use prez.object('Your drag-n-drop question name').restore(); to show the student answers again.
But you should go with @Denilson_Reis’s approach if you aren’t familiar with scripting.


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