"Drag and drop" in an orderly way?

Hello everyone!
I would need some help…
Is it possible to perform the “drag and drop” in an orderly way?
That is… the objects should be moved in a precise order.
Can it be done with Active Presenter?
Thank you very much for your help. :hugs:

ActivePresenter version: 8.1.1

OS: MacOs 10.13.6


Hi Betty,

It’s possible to perform the “drag-n-drop” in an orderly way. Below are our instructions on how to do that:

  1. Cover each drag source by a transparent shape. (To make a transparent shape, insert a shape > change its opacity to 0).
  2. Hide the next transparent shape when the previous drag source is accepted. In the On Accept event of the drop target, add the Hide Object action.
  3. In the Accept list of each drop target, select only one correct drag source. (Properties pane > Drag-n-Drop section > Drop Target > Accept List).

For more information, please take a look at this sample:
drag-n-drop orderly.approj (260 KB)


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I thank you so much Nguyen, but it was not what I was looking for.
In your example, the student should forcefully move the first object… but I wanted him to have the possibility of error…

Well, if you wants the student to have possibility of error, you can add actions to the On Accept event of each drop target as follows:
In case there are so many drag sources and drop targets, you can consider using advance action as in the project below:
drag-n-drop orderly (1).approj (268 KB)

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I always do things a clunky way, so I don’t usually offer much help. However, you could set a text variable and concatenate upon drop and then do a comparison. Concatenate a on the variable for 1st, b for the 2nd, and c for the third drop and then set a button to compare if the user did them in the correct order…something happens if “abc” and something else if not, such as “cba.”


Excuse me…but perhaps I expressed myself badly from the very beginning…
The objects must all be dragged into the same box, but in precise order…

You can still do it by adjusting your variable. Use action on the Drag Sources with the event on “Drag End” and concatenate the variable.

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No, I’m sorry… I can’t make it with the variables…
I don’t know which one to use… I always have to translate into Italian, and then I get confused… :disappointed_relieved:
But thank you very much for your time! :kissing_heart:

Hi Betty,

Could you provide us with a sample that you would like to make and describe it in detail so that we can understand what you are exactly looking for?
You can send the project to support@atomisystems.com

Best Regards,

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