Drag and Drop effect

For drag and drop, if I set to replace the drag source at the target area with the latest source, the effect is very minimal. Is that right? Any way to make it more animated, e.g. the previous source falling back into its source area gradually?


When a drag source is replaced, it’ll fly back to its original position. The default fly-back duration is 200ms.
You can change this duration by adding the following script to the project event (ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Event tab):

AP.DragDrop.RevertTime = 1000; // 1000ms = 1s, plz replace it by your preferred value


This is pretty much what I expected. Thank you very much.
Where can I learn more on these scripts for more control of elements?

You can refer to Variables & JavaScript chapter > Custom JavaScript in HTMLT Ouput section in the user manual. It lists many useful functions for more control of elements.